5 Reasons Why Traveling Helps You Improve Yourself

Have you ever wondered why traveling brings out the best of you? How it soothes and gives you inner peace? It turns out that this is the same feelings most travelers get when they’re out on an adventure! The passion to escape the normal scenery and explore the new ones is quite personal to ours, but the feeling of becoming the best version of you in an unfamiliar place is universal!

Let me show you these 5 reasons why traveling changes the perspective about yourself. From a renowned conference speaker in Singapore.

We became flexible.
In exploring unfamiliar places, it wears out our excitement if such problems arise such as: Lost of baggage, delayed flights, misleading directions and many more. On the brighter side, this teaches us how to be patient, to be flexible with these problems and witty enough to solve them. Traveling changes our definition of planned vacation, because things may run in our favor or not, we must have the courage to change plans and hope for the best aftermath.

We trust the world.
It’s scary to be in a place where you don’t have anybody to run to if things aren’t good; but instead of screaming hysterically for help, we learned how to trust the world. Even if it’s horrifying to be in a foreign land, there’s still beauty in it. You just have to look keenly as if everything is a silver lining. Oh boy, it’s good to trust your intuition, too and follow it to where it leads you. Just meet new friends, but remain cautious to whom you spend time with.

We became open-minded to learning.
The moment you land, you have to embrace the things that will help you enjoy your trip and that’s the time traveling teaches you how fun it is to learn. Starting from their culture, people, food and then to everything on it. You’ll find yourself in amusement with what you discovered that even History books have failed to introduce you. Internalize and absorb these new things to you, and absorb it on your own pace. See how fun learning can be!

We became highly-sociable.
“No man is an island”, a famous quote from the Greek Philosopher, Plato. We are humans and it’s our innate nature to interact with one another. Admit it or not, we need each other in order to survive, and this applies when traveling. Meeting new friends adds more spice to your escapades. In most cases, they became helpful without us noticing it. Traveling teaches us how to interact and set aside our difference to have a special bond we called friendship.

We became connected to the world.
In front of our doorstep awaits a great adventure. Interestingly, each of us is born different, but deep down we all have our common linkage; and traveling strengthens our connection to the other people across the continent. Once we popped our bubble inside our homes, we realized that there is so much to discover to the world, and the only means to do that is to travel. This breaks our prejudice and fear to others and changes the world into a more connected and welcoming place.
With all that being said, traveling is the best way to improve ourselves, since we are more open to challenges the world is ready to throw at us. This recognizes our shared connection and dissipates any misunderstandings.  We changed into a brave explorer and hoping that maybe you are also brave enough to eat tiny scorpions lined up on a stick.