Top 5 Skills for a Better Leadership

Leadership is defined in the dictionary as the action of leading or guiding an individual or a group of people achieving good possible outcomes. However, being a leader is not easy to do, as it requires specific skills to function well. Here are the top 5 skills that every aspiring leader must have in order to flourish well in the future.

A good leader knows how to listen to the follower because a leader will not exist without the followers. Thus, every leader must be a good follower which means the leader must listen from the opinions, suggestions coming from the followers because they have potential ideas for the group to flourish. Good role model and knows how to connect being a motivational keynote speaker.

A leader must know how to communicate to the followers to a one-on-one basis to a group discussion and even in the writing communication platforms such as; in the media, emails, text, writing a letter etc. Furthermore, listening and communicating have a certain connection in its parts. It also requires the clarity of explaining the objectives and must be regularly updated. In addition, a leader must also master, not just the verbal communication skills but also non-verbal communication like having knowledge about the underlying meaning of certain body movements.

Gaining the trust of the followers is not easy because if the followers do not fully trust the leader, there will be many misinterpretations and the group won’t function well. One remedy for this is to have a regular open forum and meetings in which, the followers can talk to the leader face to face and share their different concerns. Thus, the leader knows how to lower the self by having empathy and respect towards the workers. Most importantly, do not belittle the followers.

The commitment of the leader together with the follower must be clear. Being a good example can be a good idea because the followers can see the effort of the leader and might also follow the leader. For instance, the follower saw the leader having overtime to finish the job and can feel the commitment of the leader, the follower will probably follow the leader and will also overtime to help finish the task. In this scenario, a certain relationship will be built.

The last skill that every leader must have is being responsible enough. Which makes the leader responsible in every outcome of work whether it is successful or in the state of failure. Accept criticisms and do not blame others as it won’t help the situation or otherwise it’ll only get worse. Embrace the mistakes, learn from it and build a tremendous strong solution out of it.
Hence, there are lots of skills that every leader must have, but the examples given in this article are the essential ones to strengthen, keep, and maintain a harmonious relationship among the members.